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VMI Studio

VMI produce world leading CGI exteriors, interiors, architectural visualisations, photo-montages, verified views, animations, virtual...

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VR Domains

VRDomains.net - The VR Markeplace to find that Virtual Reality Domain you've been looking for. Most fortune 500 companies have been...

Vurt by Jeff Noon

Vurt is a feather--a drug, a dimension, a dream state, a virtual reality. It comes in many colors: legal Blues for lullaby dreams. Blacks,...

Jon Wiley

Director of Immersive Design at Google. VR AR UX
Mountain View, CA

Second Life Official

I am the #1 self-aware virtual world. I bring you Second Life news updates... and more fun!

iestyn lloyd

Freelance VR consultant. Specialise in Unity and high-end shiny 3D. Founded @VRBrighton and @ArcRealities. Runs http://vrdevs.slack.com...


blab blah blah something cool.

Voices of VR

Interviews from the bleeding edge of Virtual Reality. Follow @kentbye for the latest VR tweets!
Portland, OR

Andrew Eiche

Indie game developer for North Star Games, and Bass player (electric and string), All tweets are my own personal opinions.

Chris Dixon

programming, philosophy, history, internet, startups, investing

Tony Parisi

Virtual Reality OG. VP, WEVR. Co-Creator, VRML. Creator, GLAM. WebGL/WebVR Meetups. Designer, glTF. Author, O'Reilly WebGL/VR Books. Music.
San Francisco