Submission guidelines


Our aim is to make the index as useful as possible and ultimately help people find links to sites they wouldn't normally find through search engines. With this in mind, here are some guide lines on how to add the perfect link.


A title should match the submitted domain for sites which are dedicated to a company, product or project. For links which are hosted on 3rd party sites such as Kickstarter, Meetup etc the title should be named after the submitted page.


Sites need to be specifically aimed at the Virtual Reality industry, just having a page mentioning VR won't be enough to get you listed. Unique domains only, sub-pages will not be accepted unless they are part of a significant 3rd party website such as Reddit, Kickstarter, Meetup, Github etc. 


Submissions will need at least one Role but can have several if appropriate. The final role 'Website' should only apply to sites which exist in their own right and are not associated with a company, product, individual etc. Good examples of this are sites such as the Oculus Subreddit, Road to VR etc.

Categories (Editors and Link Owners Only)

This section is key, there are a large number of options and as such it's important to be as specific as possible. 

A maximum of 2 categories for each link is allowed.

For hardware items the category should be selected according to the type of hardware, so the Oculus Rift website is listed as follows:

Hardware => Headmounted Displays (HMD) => HMD Integrated Display

For a website, product, game or library that supports a specific piece of hardware the link should be categorised according to that item. So for the Oculus Rift DK1 Open Source project, the categories would be:

Hardware => Headmounted Displays (HMD) => HMD Integrated Display => Oculus Rift

Projects => Open Source

Software => Software Libraries

Missing categories and new category requests

Inevitably some links will need categories that aren't immediately available. You can request a new category by sending us a request or emailing us at

For links which don't have a category you can use a more general category. For example, a Crowd Funded project which isn't Kickstarter you can simply tag it as:

Projects => Crowd Funded

If we have enough links in this heading then we can added an additional sub-category as required.


We don't accept any sites containing pornographic content. We do however, accept adult related sites. You can find out more about our policy on this from this blog post.

Everything else

It's early days yet, and we're going to be developing the site further as our link index expands. If you have any suggestions then please get in touch.