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A blog for general VR topics such as product reviews and impact of VR on several other areas such as business,...

Best VR Hardware

We’re here to provide you with the best deals for the best VR hardware. Pay us a visit to take a look at a variety of...


Women+VR. If anyone can make VR look cool, it's the ladies.


group of 7 VR YouTube personalities own and run this website of news, reviews and opinions. 
London, England

VR Virgins

VR Virgins features funny videos of first time virtual reality users. We feature cute grandmas, funny parents and wacky...
Brooklyn, NY

VR Startups

VRStartups focusses on Virtual Reality startups, employment and other related topics.

The Reality Streaming

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality News and Information. Covering Hardware, Software, Development and a variety of...
The World

Sense Virtual

We are a dedicated team of 3d artists, virtual reality developers and storytellers with the skills needed to drive...

VR Colony

DIY 360 filmaker with tutorials on how to build a budget 360 Camera.

Miss Virtual Miss

Fascinating blog about the reality of sex work in virtual reality.

All Things VR

I created a VR Industry breakdown to help people understand how virtual reality experiences are created, distributed...
san francisco / new york city

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