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Teslasuit - world's first full body haptic suit that lets you feel the virtual reality
London, England


 EDTracker, an open source project to provide cheap and simple 3-axis head tracking for PC gaming.


MotionNode: Miniature Inertial Measurement Unit MotionNode is a 3-DOF inertial measurement unit (IMU) for use in 3D...


SoftKinetic is the leading provider of 3D vision technology for consumer electronics and industrial applications. More...
Belgium, USA

Creative Senz3D Creative Senz3D Depth and Gesture Recognition Camera for Personal Computers: Computers & Accessories


SoftKinetic’s DepthSense technologies – depth sensors, hand tracking middleware, and interactive samples – provide the...

3D Head

3DHead is a HMD headset and hand-controller with 6 DOF tracking for head and arm motion. The device can be used with PC...

Perception Neuron

Perception Neuron is a world-leading motion capture system based on inertial sensors that is capable of providing...


Stompz is a wireless motion tracking platform for your feet to allow funning and leg movement in a seated or standing...


Kinect for Windows is a motion capture device which provides a robust SDK for skeletal tracking as well as depth...

Razer Hydra

Razer Hydra is a wired motion controller developed by Sixsense and sold by Razer which has been the main motion...
United States

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