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Hapto is a unique motion controller, that enables you to feel surface of virtual objects and control virtual reality...


The RealControl system is the first and only full-body tracking system for a wide range of smartphones on the market....
San Francisco, CA

ATOC Gaming Gun

ATOC Gaming Gun is a guncontoller for PC, Smartphone, Tablet. Its also a great Virtual Reality controller, perfect for...


Navi is a new innovative input solution for Virtual Reality. Use your tablet or smartphone as your controller in your...


Miraisens have created a 3D haptic feedback motion controller for VR and other related fields, the Miraisens 3D haptic...

The Delta Six

The Delta Six | A New Kind of Game Controller For A New Kind of Gamer

VRgo motion chair

Welcome to my site!
Bristol, UK


Arduino program and accompanying python GUI for virtual reality experiments


MUEV360 | Innovations in Motion There’s nothing compared to natural movements controlling an avatar in your favorite...

The Gloves Project

The Gloves Project Dave Casey is building himslef not only a pair of DIY ArduIMU gloves, but also a pair of the new...

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