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Macunx VR

Macunx is a VR platform for building memory palaces to learn huge amounts in short time and with full retention. By...
Cambridge, England

Luna 360 Camera

Luna is a 360° camera designed for everyone. Handy, and with a single-button operation, Luna makes shooting in 360° as...


symbiont | VR™ is a virtual reality social experience that utilizes live and prerecorded 360° video, sophisticated...

The Mediaverse

The Mediaverse : The VR MuseuCON of Pop Culture. Currently at Indiegogo
The Mediaverse


Omnipresenz: Explore the world with a human avatar | Indiegogo Seriously, a human powered telepresence set up. "Molly...

Guardians of the wind

VR Game Developer - currently making Windlands for Oculus Rift

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