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Mind And Terra

Mind And Terra: A Social Network for  people in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Industry.

Immersive Careers Sub-reddit

Find jobs in virtual reality! A sub-reddit dedicated to listing jobs in the Virtual Reality industry.


VRiends is an exclusive global network to educate, inspire and connect professionals in the VR industry, who want to...
München, Bayern

VR User Forum

VR User Forum is a common ground for discussion of all things VR. 


VR SHOOTERS FORUM | Forum for 360 video shooters

Google Cardboard VR

Google Cardboard VR Google Cardboard is a Google project to make an affordable, DIY, cardboard Virtual Reality headset...


The Oculus Sub-reddit, very active with over 40k members.

Oculus VR

Creators of the Oculus Rift - a next generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming.

Virtual Reality Forum

German language VR forum, partners with

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