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SiliconDroid Software

SiliconDroid software is developing some great mobile VR games with a "big game" desktop feel to them.
United Kingdom

Carbon Studio

Developer of VR Games and applications for PC and mobile platforms. 

Mimicry Games

VR developer based in the Netherlands, we do commissioned and proprietary VR projects.


Wufasta™ helps game developers earn additional revenue without alienating players. Through our platforms, game...
Dallas, TX

White Elk

Creators of Eclipse, a first-person exploration game designed for virtual reality.
Los Angeles, CA

Reload Studios

Reload Studios. LLC | Welcome to VR An independent game development studio formed by the talented developers that led...


Virtual Reality Games Development Ben Librojo

Innerspace VR

Innerspace is a VR software studio that focuses on artistic and cultural experiences. We aim to become a leading...

Random Seed

Develop of Lacuna Passage, an exploration game built using topographical data of Mars. Funded using Kickstarter on July...

Cyan Inc

The orignators of the seminal exploration game 'Myst'. Currently developing 'Obduction' through Kickstarter funding, an...

Hack & Smash

Indie hardware development team working on immersive technology. 

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