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Creating exciting new Virtual Reality experiences...
Boston, MA / San Diego, CA

Mindfield Games

Mindfield Games Ltd. is an independent Finnish developer that focuses on virtual reality games. Our first title, Pollen...
Helsinki, Finland

Proton Studio

Independent Game Dev Working on Multi-Player & Oculus Rift Unity Powered Games (BeGone, Time Rifters)
Calgary, AB, Canada

Pixelrouter VR

Home of Z0NE, The Hottest Virtual Reality Arcade Game on the Planet.
New Jersey, USA


Makes indie games and tutorials on how to make games.
Michigan, USA

Ghost Machine

Ghost Machine was established in 2014 by a team of AAA game developers with published titles released from publishers...
Austin, TX, USA

Jespionage Entertainment

Long Live VR! Owner and CTO: Jespionage Entertainment. Spooky website.
Vancouver, BC, Canada


MAG (Making Amazing Games) Game development Studio UK
United Kingdom


Creator of Lunar Flight Co founder of Lucid VR. A modern take on the classic arcade game, Lunar Lander, Lunar Flight...
Brisbane QLD, Australia

Zero Latency

Company creating Holodeck experiences as entertainment. Website doesn't have much activity at the moment (Dec 14).
Melbourne VIC, Australia

Unello Design

Indie Game developer who produced the Eden River demo.
Austin, TX

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