HMD Integrated display


Visual display system created by combining a head mounted screen and lenses. Graphics are generated on a physically separate device.

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Three Glasses

Three Glasses is a redesigned Oculus Rift DK1 with a higher resolution screen and moveable lenses that has built in...


Built from the ground up to bring the best Virtual Reality gaming experience to the gaming world, OSVR is the one...

Claire FullHD HMD

Claire FullHD virtual reality modular HMD; head mounted display by VRunion - Thingiverse The HMD consist of three...

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is a Virtual Reality Headset made by HTC in partnership with Valve Corporation. The Vive is a top spec VR HMD...

VR Union Ltd.

Creators of the Claire, a high-end HMD. Used to supply the RiftUp DK1 upgrade.
Prague, Czech Republic

Light and shadows

Producers of the Senso and Neo HMD. Really slick looking prototype with good specs currently.
Suresnes, Ile-de-France

3D Head

3DHead is a HMD headset and hand-controller with 6 DOF tracking for head and arm motion. The device can be used with PC...

Sulon Technologies

Creators of the Cortex HMD, nice looking site, not sure if the technology exists. 

Silicon Micro Display

Silicon Micro Display’s is a HD visualization company which builds hardware and display technology. A HMD called the...


FOVE | Eye Tracking Head Mount Display. Eyes can control Virtual Reality.

Open DoVision

Open DoVision is a VR headset that is 3D printed and open sourced but had an unsuccessful Kickstarter for a full...

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