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Bolverk Games

Bolvërk Games makes virtual reality games. And we do it exceptionally well. Our games are second to none, challenging,...

SiliconDroid Software

SiliconDroid software is developing some great mobile VR games with a "big game" desktop feel to them.
United Kingdom

Mind Travel

Mind Travel is Virtual Reality studio specializing in mobile vr experiences that utilize binaural audio and 3d visuals...
Miami, FL


We are artists and programmers speciallized in making virtual reality games. We have 6 years of experience in game...

Mimicry Games

VR developer based in the Netherlands, we do commissioned and proprietary VR projects.

White Elk

Creators of Eclipse, a first-person exploration game designed for virtual reality.
Los Angeles, CA

Iris Virtual Reality

Game designer, Tech-lover, Kung-fu practitioner, Science nerd and Quinn's dad :P
Toronto, Canada

Hyperthetical Games

HTG strongly believe's in Virtual Reality and the possibility's it brings for new and original game play.

Triangular Pixels

We are independent games developers, experienced in the big leagues. We have a passion for fun, light hearted, and...

Viewpoint Games

Creators of VR Karts:


Developers of the Studio Ghibli demos based upon Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro. Now working on VR storytelling.

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