Reviews of Hardware, Software, Products and Services relating to Virtual Reality.

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The VR Shop

We are virtual reality reviews and promoters. Not only do we review the latest virtual and augmented reality tech, but...


vrgamecritic is the first portal dedicated to virtual reality game reviews, providing a de facto game rating. Read up...

VR Download

Reviews of Virtual Reality Games, Apps and Experiences in German.  

Simulator Trends

Simulator Trends concentrates on Driving and Flying simulators with a focus on VR.

Road to VR

Road to VR is the news site for anything Oculus or Virtual Reality/Argumented Reality/Technology The editors are...

Inner Rift

Helping and inspiring the VR community. Follow us and join the VR Revolution.
U Avenue & K Street, Middle Amana, IA 52307, USA

Ignition VR

Bringing you the latest Oculus Rift News.
London, UK

100% Sim Racing News

Oculus Rift Flipboard

Curated magazine covering everything related to the Oculus Rift and published on the Flipboard platform.

VR China

Chinese language site about VR.

VR Focus

Great site to get the latest VR news from. Really active and well written.

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