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Metaworld VR

MetaWorld invites you to build, explore and chill out together on a 10,000 square mile massively scaled planet....


An automated news site dedicated to Social VR. Content gathered via Google Alerts and Twitter hashtags.

Jewell Theatre

The Jewell Theatre has been performing live theatre & more in #virtualworld #SecondLife since 2007. Writer/Director...
Samandiriel, Second Life

Sinewave Space

Space is a federation of virtual worlds running on the same technology, with users able to transfer all their goods,...

Youtopia VR

Youtopia VR is a social world that brings you one step closer to the metaverse by connecting you to the other...

AltspaceVR Inc

AltspaceVR Inc |
Redwood City, CA

Janus VR

JanusVR: an immersive, collaborative, multi-dimensional version of the Web.
San Mateo, CA


A highly-secure, enterprise-class virtual collaboration platform.  OpenQwaq is built on Squeak, and is the next step in...

The VR Bar

The VR Bar | The Worlds First and Greatest Virtual Bar.


VRChat brings chat rooms into the Virtual realm. 


Promising idea for live telepresence created via a camera.
Seattle, WA

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