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Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web using ARToolKit - 60fps on mobile!


Building blocks for the virtual reality web. Use markup to create VR experiences that work across desktop, iPhones, and...
From MozVR

VR Design Lab

Inspired by Google's Cardboard Design Lab Android app. VR Design Lab was designed to showcase the do's and don'ts of VR...


Java bindings for using the Oculus Rift head tracker.


Navi is a new innovative input solution for Virtual Reality. Use your tablet or smartphone as your controller in your...


This is a simple module you can add in to your project to emulate a mouse on ugui with the vive controller. It works...

Valiant 360

A full 360 degree panorama video player built in JS + WebGL.

Littlstar Axis

Axis is a panoramic rendering engine. It supports the rendering of equirectangular, cylindrical, and panoramic textures.

Video JS - VR

A video.js plugin that turns a video element into a HTML5 Panoramic 360 video player. Project video onto different...

Weston Rift

Rift support as a 'postcompositor', it takes the display set up by a backend, swaps the framebuffer target to render...

VR Planetarium

The Unity Project for the Leap Motion Virtual Reality Planetarium.

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