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The Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) is a set of classes within a library and a set of servers that are...


vrjuggler - VR Juggler provides a cross-platform virtual reality application development framework - Google Project...


OSM Buildings is a JavaScript library for visualizing OpenStreetMap building geometry on 2D and 3D maps. This version...

VR Billiards

Game of VR billiards, open sourced by the author, built with Unity.

WebVR boilerplate

A starting point for web-based VR experiences that work in both Cardboard and Oculus.

oculus platform helper

Helper classes and processes for switching between Oculus PC and Mobile SDKs.


Example code for using the Oculus Rift, written for the book Oculus Rift in Action  


CryVR push CryEngine to virtual reality !


Port of Oculus DK1 SDK to Cinder glNext Oculus DK1 support for Cinder glNext Originally created by @simongeilfus...


This repositry includes a C# wrapper and sample programs for Oculus SDK 0.4.x to use Oculus Rift DK2 from C# and OpenTK.

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