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VR Design Lab

Inspired by Google's Cardboard Design Lab Android app. VR Design Lab was designed to showcase the do's and don'ts of VR...


Navi is a new innovative input solution for Virtual Reality. Use your tablet or smartphone as your controller in your...


This is a simple module you can add in to your project to emulate a mouse on ugui with the vive controller. It works...

VR Planetarium

The Unity Project for the Leap Motion Virtual Reality Planetarium.

VR Billiards

Game of VR billiards, open sourced by the author, built with Unity.


A Unity3D package for using the Omicron input library for virtual reality devices.


This project is a virtual reality conference application for Oculus Rift.


RiftGesture (for DK2) An experiment to detect head gestures (nod and headshake) with Oculus Rift and Unity.


This project is a full Wireless VR experience! I created it in the middle of this VR Boom we are living to try to...


Oculus Rift Unity Integration with Audience Camera Version 0.2.1 Installation: (Installation process is the same as...


VisiSonics | As Good As Being There! VisiSonics leverages world-class scientific discovery to add a third dimension to...

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